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Powder coatings have proven effective in the protection of metallic surfaces. The high prevalence of this technology has also resulted in its application in various hygienically sensitive areas. Working alongside various partners, we have developed exceptional aseptic mixtures for powder-coating.


The wide variety of fields of application of various paints has continually lead us to very interesting market niches. The functional coatings produced by our partners are now available for the anti-fouling treatment of boats, the coating of metal fittings and parts and the subsequent treatment of ceramic surfaces (e.g. tiles).


The universal interior paint produced by one of our partners is of particularly high quality. On account of the germ-neutral technology, the already resistant dispersion, produced without the use of preservatives, is ideal for use in hospitals, medical practices, gastronomy and many other sectors.

Sealants and putties

All building materials that are frequently subject to humidity should be permanently protected against microbial attack. This is important both to the health of the residents and for the preservation of the materials themselves.

Plastic compounds

The use of plastics is almost unlimited. Working with various partners we have refined plastics for increased hygiene in almost every field of use. Applications in the fields of medical and food technology are of course particularly demanding.

Fibres and textiles

Plastic fibres represent a special field of application in plastics processing. Both skin contact and continual stress on account of textile care pose great challenges, which one of our partners has already resolved. If you would like further information regarding our partners, their products and applications, simply contact us. We would be glad to provide you with further assistance.

If you want more information about our partners and their products and applications, please contact us. We’re here to help.